Commit f64cb93e authored by Reimeier, Fabian [reimeier]'s avatar Reimeier, Fabian [reimeier]
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Update config.ini

parent dc43994c
......@@ -21,8 +21,8 @@ db = ''
; ? Will be replaced with Barcode
; Query to fetch specimen data from database to display in RDF (see below)
query_one = 'SELECT TOP 1 * from rdf_view WHERE HerbariumID=?'
query_all = 'SELECT * from rdf_view'
query_one = 'SELECT TOP 1 * from rdf_view WHERE HerbariumID=?;'
query_all = 'SELECT * from rdf_view;'
; Mapping of RDF-Literals to Database Column Names returned by query_one (see above)
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